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Under the watchful eye of Big Ben, London comes to life. Daylight illuminates lifestyles unmatched in elegance and refinement, yet as the clock chimes into the evening hours, hedonism comes out to play. Black cabs glimmering under streetlights carry secrets to their next destination. Parties start, shoulders rub, and glasses clink. In the early hours, good humor is put to bed, and good manners reawaken. There is no time to be tired, because to be tired of London is to be tired of life.” - Roja Dove.

London brings a refined, ozonic freshness to any space. This clean scent starts with top notes of ozone and crisp linen. Eucalyptus and freesia complement the sea salt core of this fragrance. A touch of powder in the base keeps this scent light and airy, while moss adds an earthy, green depth.This fragrance brings a calming, just before the rain fragrance, right into your home.

Top: Ozone, Linen
Middle: Eucalyptus, Sea Salt, Freesia
Base: Moss, Powder

Our standard sized candles are hand-poured into 9 oz jars topped with a black metal lid.

Ingredients: 100% Paraffin wax, cotton wicks, and phthalate-free premium fragrance oil infused with natural essential oils. 

Burn Time: 50-60 hrs

Size: 9 oz, 2.75” x 3.7”

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