M.J. Candle Co. is a Southern California and England based candle company owned and operated by Morgan John. About seven years ago, this started out as just a hobby in her studio apartment in Downtown Los Angeles while she was studying at University. She started gifting candles to family and friends and the feedback was not only wonderful but they were continuously asking for more. Since then, she went from running a very small business through Etsy mostly during the holidays as these candles were slowly tested and tweaked to perfection. She has since expanded and we now have a signature fragrance line and yearly seasonal collections. Her line is focused on fragrances to remember, that when lit they instantly takes you back to a certain memory or sentimental place in time, whether it's that cozy night on Christmas Eve, or that time on a warm beach vacation. Not only do we aspire to make a quality candle, but we want it to be something aesthetically appealing for your home, office, or wherever you prefer to burn your M.J. candles.